INTK is a young and ambitious studio based in Utrecht, specialized in developing digital strategies for cultural organizations.

Our mission is to change how people relate to culture. Forty years ago, very few people sported regularly. Today, many people dedicate several hours a week to sports. Inspired by the changes in the sports sector, we would like to bring a similar shift in the culture sector. Our goal is to encourage people that love culture to engage in cultural activities weekly. For example, we want to help people that love cinema to go to the movies every week.

We work with several museums, theaters, cinemas, castles, libraries, festivals, etc. Some of the cultural organizations we work with include, NEMO Science Museum, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Film Theater Hilversum, Loevestein Castle, Library Utrecht, Le Guess Who festival, etc.


What do we do?
We have created websites that show museum collections with more than 100 thousand artworks. We have created websites for theaters that present hundreds of performances per year. Check out some of our work:

Your Job
We are in the initial phase of developing two apps. The first app is a museum guided tour. It includes tours, routes by visitors, tickets, and the collection, all in one place. The other app works like a personal sports trainer but then for culture. Based on data mining and machine learning, the app creates a schedule that encourages to go to cultural activities weekly.


What can you learn?
We encourage you to complete the following courses:

iOS App Development Course
Git started with GitHub
Google Analytics for Beginners
Advanced Google Analytics
You are

Interested in learning about the latest technologies;
You have at least one app we can test;
You have experience using GitHub;
We offer

Gain experience creating real-world software;
A mentor with whom you plan the week every Monday morning;
Work with a young international team;
Offices at the center of Utrecht;
Fee: 400 euros/month (40hours/week). Additional funds might be available via Erasmus+;
Possibility of a job offer after a successful internship.
Additional information

Period: ideally 6 months (min. 3 months)
Hours a week: ideally 40 hours/week (min. 32 hours)
Start date: as soon as possible (please consider a month preparation time before starting)
Our Culture
We are a young team of international professionals. You will be assigned high responsibility tasks from day one. Every Monday, we analyze the success of the previous week and plan the upcoming. We have lunch together every day. On Fridays, the entire team joins for drinks as we stop working half an hour earlier.

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INTK is een jong en ambitieus marketingbureau in Utrecht,  gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen van digitale strategieën voor culturele organisaties.

Het is onze missie om de manier waarop mensen zich verhouden tot cultuur radicaal te veranderen. Veertig jaar geleden sportten weinig mensen op reguliere basis. Tegenwoordig sporten veel mensen enkele uren per week. Geïnspireerd door de veranderingen in de sportsector, willen we een soortgelijke verandering mogelijk maken in de culturele sector. Het is ons doel om mensen aan te moedigen om wekelijks een culturele activiteit te ondernemen. Mensen die van film houden willen we bijvoorbeeld aanmoedigen om wekelijks naar de bioscoop te gaan.

Wij werken samen met musea, theaters, filmhuizen, kastelen, bibliotheken en festivalorganisaties. Culturele organisaties waar we mee werken zijn bijvoorbeeld NEMO Science Museum, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Film Theater Hilversum, Muiderslot, Bibliotheek Utrecht en Le Guess Who festival.